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17th August 2022 
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Counselling is often about supporting clients to improve the relationship that they have with themselves, and/or their relationships with others and this can sometimes be childhood related. Sometimes it can be about improving self awareness, empowerment and confidence to make different choices for social, mental and emotional health and well-being. At Counselling Coventry I work with a range of difficulties (see counselling page).

Sometimes it can mean experiencing depression and/or anxiety or other common mental health problems.

I offer a friendly, confidential, sensitive professional service to individual adult clients (18+), couples and groups in Coventry and Warwickshire - Counselling Coventry.

“I can support and work with you to achieve greater awareness and personal empowerment to be freer, positive and more choice-full in your life”

"You do not need a referral from a GP to make an appointment to see me. Coming to see Counsellor Coventry does not always have to be about the problems or difficulties you are facing - it can also help enhance your life by talking through your aspirations to promote personal growth and self-development" - Counsellor Coventry.

"I am also available for on line counselling or supervision beyond the shores of the UK (Not USA or Canada), in English, and would welcome any enquiries by email in the first instance" - Counsellor Coventry

I work with clients/supervisees on line via Google Meet or Microsoft Teams, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp (encrypted), or face to face sessions in a private counselling/supervision room

What to do next...

For Counselling Coventry or Psychotherapy Coventry, you can either email or phone to book a FREE initial meeting (as described on the locations/fees page) OR an assessment session which is chargeable. On initial contact, please provide a little information on what it is that you wish help with, symptoms that you are currently experiencing and what you wish to achieve from counselling.

At busy times, while your call might not be immediately answered, we will always try to return calls as soon as possible.

Please note that we do not take calls from withheld numbers, canvassers and commercial callers. This line is for clients only.

Counselling Coventry takes place in a private, quiet, exclusive use, dedicated Counselling Room with no interruptions or interruptive noise

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Other Services

Counsellor Coventry also offers personal consultancy/coaching where you be offered the time and space to explore and clarify the thoughts in your mind that are resulting in possible confusion with the support of your consultant/coach. Maybe you feel your thoughts contradict one another, and create conflict so that you can’t see ‘the wood for the trees’.

"Bringing together my experience of counselling, psychotherapy, personal and professional development and academic studies in creativity, communication, media and culture, and cultural studies, I offer one-to-one personal consultancy/coaching to help you find a way forward in what really matters in your work or personal life" - Counsellor Coventry.

This type of consultation/coaching may be booked as a one-off meeting, or as a short series of meetings, and is different from short, medium or longer term counselling or psychotherapy.

"Counsellors in Training" on Level 4 and Level 5 CPCAB Qualifications

At Coventry Counsellor / Coventry Supervisor, I am available for personal therapy or supervision for students on Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB) professional training qualifications at CPCAB accredited centres in the West Midlands.

Students can be on either Level 4 Therapeutic Counselling or Level 5 Psychotherapeutic Counselling training courses. I am particularly interested in offering person centred, gestalt informed creative, body process, body movement oriented input to your learning. Contact me to discuss your needs via email from this website or call me on 07941 338968.

Qualified or Newly Qualified Counsellors or "Counsellors in Training"

At Coventry Counsellor / Coventry Supervisor, I offer personal therapy or supervision for counsellors, 'counsellors in training' or newly qualified counsellors from Coventry University and Warwick University counselling and psychotherapy programmes. "Having worked with past students, I have knowledge and experience of the requirements of the course programmes", Paul.

Qualified DMPs or DMPs in training.

At Coventry Counsellor / Coventry Supervisor, I offer personal therapy or external supervision to students on the MA DMP programme or BA Hons in Creative Expressive Arts, Health and Well Being programme at Derby University.

I offer the same for students on similar MA DMP programmes at Goldsmiths University or Roehampton University, London, who are living and working in the West Midlands. As a past tutor, supervisor for five years and acting Programme Convenor for a brief time at Derby University, I have an understanding what is required by students - Paul.

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