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11th August 2020 
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Coming out of lockdown: As the lockdown restrictions are gradually being eased, I can help you with coping strategies to manage stress, anxiety and low mood and foster general well being - as you return to some sort of 'normality' with work etc. During this process of transition, I continue to offer low cost 30 minute sessions. Please make contact in the first instance by emailing me with a little information on what you need help with, any symptoms and what you would like out of therapy. These sessions will be carried out on line with either Zoom or Skype, or FaceTime with zoom being more secure, easy to use and better quality. The cost is 20.00, which is payable at the time of booking by electronic payment.

Standard face to face sessions are currently suspended until Government guidelines are published - Alternatively, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Supervision is available on line via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime

I am a qualified NHS experienced Registered Psychotherapeutic Counsellor Coventry (MBACP), Registered Body Movement Psychotherapist Coventry (ADMP-UK) and a Registered Supervisor Coventry. I offer a friendly, confidential, sensitive professional service to adult clients, couples and groups of all ages and backgrounds in Coventry and Warwickshire and beyond. As Counsellor Coventry I have over 17 years full, part time and voluntary experience working in a variety of public sector and charitable organisations and has been working with people in a therapeutic capacity since 2001.

In addition to private independent work as Counsellor Coventry at Quiet Mindz, I have also delivered psychotherapeutic counselling for a private therapy group in Worcester (2014-2020) and body movement psychotherapy for an arts charity in Birmingham (2005-2019).

Counsellor Coventry is based at convenient locations in Coventry and Warwickshire and able to offer morning, afternoon and evening appointments.

I can help you to achieve greater awareness and personal empowerment to be freer, positive and more choice-full in your life.

You do not need a referral from a GP to make an appointment to see me. Coming to see Counsellor Coventry does not always have to be about the problems or difficulties you are facing - it can also help enhance your life by talking through your aspirations to promote personal growth and self-development.

Counselling Coventry is within easy access from the M6, M69 and M1 motorways. People also travel from further afield in the West Midlands including, Leicester, Rugby, Daventry, Southam, Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick and Stratford Upon Avon.

International - I am also available for on line therapy beyond the shores of the UK, in English, and would welcome any enquiries by email in the first instance. To professionals abroad, I also offer supervision as described below and more on the supervision page.

Counselling Coventry

At Counselling Coventry, I have worked with individuals who have suffered from a wide range of problems including depression, anxiety, stress, loss, managing difficult feelings, trauma, relationship, sexuality and identity issues. As a Counsellor Coventry, I have gained much experience working with complex cases in a dedicated NHS counselling and psychotherapy setting, in either short, medium or long term modes of working - supporting their clients to make meaningful and sustainable changes to their lives. The approach is broadly humanistic integrative which includes a blend of gestalt, experiential, experimental, existential and person centred counselling/psychotherapeutic approaches, with developmental and somatic psychotherapy and relational living body psychotherapy as appropriate. See the ‘Counselling’ page for further information.

Supervision Coventry

Supervision Coventry - Are you a counsellor in training or a qualified counsellor and need clinical supervision? In addition to what is normally expected in ‘talking therapies’ supervision, I can also an offer you creative, embodied, experiential, movement based supervision.

I offer supervision for trainee or newly qualified or experienced dance movement psychotherapists with a blend of social constructionism, person centred and gestalt therapies with a developmental somatic edge.

I also offer supervision to professionals who work in the areas of social work, education or the like, who feel they would benefit from exploring various issues that concern them in a safe, creative and confidential space. See the ‘Supervision’ page for further information.

Psychotherapy Coventry

At Psychotherapy Coventry, I offer Body Movement Psychotherapy Coventry with over 15 years post qualifying experience of working with a range of groups using a specialised form of "Group Therapy" based on creative expressive movement, creative art materials and verbal dialogue. See the ‘Psychotherapy’ page for further information.

Personal Consultancy/Coaching

Counsellor Coventry also offers personal consultancy/coaching where you be offered the time and space to explore and clarify the thoughts in your mind that are resulting in possible confusion with the support of your consultant/coach. Maybe you feel your thoughts contradict one another, and create conflict so that you can’t see ‘the wood for the trees’.

Bringing together my experience of counselling, psychotherapy, personal and professional development and academic studies in creativity, communication, media and culture, and cultural studies, Counsellor Coventry offers one-to-one personal consultancy/coaching to help you find a way forward in what really matters in your work or personal life.

This type of consultation/coaching may be booked as a one-off meeting, or as a short series of meetings, and is different from short, medium or longer term counselling or psychotherapy.

I work with clients in a private, quiet, exclusive use, dedicated Counselling Room with no interruptions or interruptive noise

Personal Therapy for Counsellors and Psychotherapists in training.

As a Registered Body Movement Psychotherapist on the ADMP Private Practice Register, I offer professional trainee Dance Movement Psychotherapists (DMP) personal therapy (in accordance with UKCP guidelines for DMP trainings) with a few low cost places available via negotiation.

Coventry Counsellor is also available for personal therapy for counsellors in training or qualified counsellors with or without emphasis on movement. Having worked with previous students from Coventry University and Warwick University counselling and psychotherapy programmes and therefore having knowledge of the course programmes, I am available for personal therapy for current students on whatever academic year of the course programme.


“The low cost sessions have really helped me to cope better with the survival of the COVID 19 lock down. I can highly recommend Counsellor Coventry.” (Past client).

Personal Therapy and Supervision for Students - Academic Year 2020-21

As a past tutor, I am uniquely placed to offer personal therapy or additional external supervision to students on the MA DMP programme at Derby University or those students on similar programmes at Goldsmiths or Roehampton and are living in the West Midlands.

I also offer either personal therapy or supervision to students on Counselling or Psychotherapy programmes in Coventry and Warwickshire.


I have experience of working with organisations, institutions and companies offering employees an alternative to existing employee assistance programmes; including group therapy, individual therapy, coaching or consultancy.

I also offer a service to organisations, institutions and companies who require assistance in exploring and understanding any communication or relationship difficulties employees may have using an integrated movement observation analysis based on Laban Movement Analysis (LMA), Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP) and semiotics. I can also offer movement based group work to explore those difficulties or to explore and develop the creative or communicative potential of their employees.

Education and Training Services

For companies (service industries, etc.) and organisations (schools, social workers etc.), Counsellor Coventry offers a range of innovative creative therapeutic services to support the mental and emotional needs of employees including clinical supervision for employees who require a confidential, safe, creative space to explore emotional and psychological processes involved in their demanding interactions with people (essential to avoid ‘burn out’).

Counselling Coventry also offers educational and training services that where we can explore and develop creative potential that can be utilised in decision making processes and such like. That could include movement observational skills (not occupational therapy) that can be very helpful in variety of contexts where communication and other functional processes are required to be developed.

The approach is informed by humanistic integrative (largely gestalt) approaches and creative and expressive processes (movement, creative materials in small and ledger groups etc.) that come together in facilitations that are creative, empowering, and fun to enable the participants to get the maximum out of their experience and realise their creative potential.

The facilitator is qualified and experienced in a range of therapeutic practices and until recently was an Associate Lecturer in HE, teaching on a professional MA level therapy training. He has extensive annual CPD that includes mindfulness and the performance art of clowning (Sacred Clown) as well as improvisational theatrical clowning.

For HE institutions, the facilitator is also available on associate lecturer, fixed or part time contracts to contribute to Counselling, Psychotherapy or arts therapies programmes and has experience of facilitating a range of modules including group process, clinical and academic supervision of students.

Counsellor Coventry also offer bespoke therapeutic services or educational/training services that can be tailored to suit the needs of employers through discussion and negotiation.

I have experience of teaching the following CPCAB qualifications: L4 Therapeutic Counselling and L5 Psychotherapeutic Counselling. During lockdown (March - June 2020) teaching was delivered via Zoom with the support of an educational platform called Moodle.

Important things to consider...

It is important for anyone thinking of entering into counselling or psychotherapy to choose the right therapist for them personally. The therapist’s academic qualifications, accreditation, theoretical areas of specialism and interest, whilst very important, are not in my experience the only things to consider when choosing a therapist to work with.

The other aspects that are important are the therapist’s personality, their integrity and their capacity to be with human suffering and the unknown. Your connection and relationship with the therapist will be a significant and vastly important factor in how successful the work is, and, as such, your ‘gut feeling’ of working with the particular therapist will be an important criterion for helping you choose a therapist.

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"Take action now to change your life...”

You can either email or phone to book a FREE no-obligation face to face or online initial meeting (subject to availability and appropriateness) OR a face to face or online assessment session.

It is important for our work together that you are happy and comfortable with the service provided and therefore preferable to have the initial meeting or assessment session in person or online.

At busy times, while your call might not be immediately answered, I will always try to return calls as soon as possible.

Please note that I do not take calls from withheld numbers, canvassers and commercial callers. This line is for clients only.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and hope to hear from you soon.

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