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17th August 2022 
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Working Holistically with the Body

At psychotherapy coventry, I also work specifically with body process/movement not only with individuals in my counselling work but also with a range of groups. This could be described as a specialised form of group therapy based on creative expressive movement, creative art materials and verbal dialogue. It's simply about exploring your relationship to your body and it's movement (including the issues you wish to work on) safely in supportive environment, facilitating healing and creative expression.

It is often used with groups or individuals who are non-verbal or have specific communication difficulties, but not exclusively. For more detailed information, click here. A definition of Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) can also be found at Click Here. Or you could take a look at a short video on dance movement psychotherapy Click Here.

Working with difficulties in adulthood that may have origins in childhood

As indicated on the counselling page, my body movement therapy practice has also been deeply influenced by training in developmental somatic psychotherapy in similar ways. Please contact me for further details or take a look at the links on the counselling page.

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Client Groups

I have experience of working with the following groups:

Elderly residents with dementia.
Adults with mental health difficulties.
Children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.
Young people with learning difficulties.
Adults with learning difficulties.

I have an interest in personal development in groups as well as any group that has similar presenting concerns such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues etc.

Couples and Individuals

Body movement therapy is also offered to couples and individuals. With couples I am able to work with relationship issues. With individuals, I am able to work with a range of issues. My couples work, however, is about offering a different way of working with relationship issues than you might get from relationship counselling. In addition to dance movement psychotherapy approaches and techniques, this may also include partnered dancing.

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My practice is informed primarily by a Humanistic Integrative approach and largely influenced Gestalt, Developmental and Somatic Psychotherapy.

My approach has been influenced by the work of Dance Therapy Pioneers Marian Chace and Trudi Schoop and also enriched and deepened by the Interpersonal Approach to DMP developed by the late Dr Jill Hayes. As appropriate I introduce and integrate music, props and artistic media that has therapeutic benefit for the clients.

This work is also informed by Daniel Stern's Vitality Forms.

My practice is supported by dancing Gabrielle Roth's Five Rhythms as regularly as I'm able to do so, and the mindfulness practice of the sacred clown developed by Didier Danthois and theatrical clowning developed by Vivian Gladwell.

To ensure I work ethically and safely I have regular supervision with a Senior RDMP.

I have had the pleasure of working with many clients/client groups, memories of whom will stay with me - show more

I have had the pleasure of working some wonderful students, memories of whom will also stay with me - show more

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Research Interests

DMP and semiotics.
DMP and stammering.
DMP and dementia.
DMP and cultural studies.