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29th November 2021 
My journey. Hand Bulb

My journey

I originally worked in electronics and electrical maintenance, then domestic appliance repair and servicing, before changing direction and moved into lecturing in FE firstly in electrical maintenance before I moved into the area of teaching media studies and performing arts before beginning my counselling training in 2000. In 2004, I then changed direction again and worked in a dedicated NHS service working with sexual, emotional and mental health for vulnerable young men.

Since 2003 I have continued my professional training to include dance movement psychotherapy as well as gaining experience working in a number of settings including the NHS, charity and voluntary sector as well as private practice. I have experience of coordinating and managing a dedicated NHS counselling and psychotherapy service for a brief period providing staff cover. This also included providing psychotherapeutic counselling for patients with HIV at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

I began my career in counselling and psychotherapy by volunteering for a NHS and MIND mental health setting, and in GP surgeries in North Warwickshire, before moving into paid employment in the NHS. I worked there for 10 years with individuals and couples often with complex difficulties whilst continuing my psychotherapy training. Alongside this I worked freelance for the Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies (BCAT). At the same time, I completed a doctorate at Coventry University with a view to getting a career in Higher Education and in 2013 I became involved the professional training of dance movement psychotherapists and creative expressive therapy facilitators at Derby University as an associate lecturer.

As well as having extensive experience of working with whatever issue or issues people bring to counselling or DMP, I do have an interest in working with difference and diversity in all it's forms. I have a deep respect for the differences that exist in people and it is this that reinforces my commitment to promoting equal opportunities as well as working with people in an anti-discriminatory and respectful way.

Additional Information

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"White men don't dance..." is my book, an accessible version based on my PhD. Enjoy! Click Here