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17th August 2022 

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The story of Quiet Mindz ...

The story behind choosing the name Quiet Mindz (a registered business name) began when I was given a pocket book by a dear friend and soulmate of mine in the late 1990s. In the first few pages the author cites a quotation in a book on meditation ... "The secret of strength lies in the quiet mind". For me that struck a chord that has deepened in its meaning for me ever since. Throughout my training and subsequently qualifying as a therapist, and with further training and ongoing CPD, I have noticed most often in my therapy work with clients is that when they do indeed become more embodied and thus integrated with both Mind and Body), wholesome and more in touch with their senses - their thoughts and emotions become much less intense and bothersome. As their mind quietens they become more available in their capacity for themselves and others in their lives.