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17th August 2022 

GDPR - Privacy Policy

We will collect personal information such as:

Your name
Your date of birth
Your Address
Your phone/SMS number
Email address
GP name and address
Prescribed medication relevant to therapy
Medical conditions relevant to therapy
Basic Assessment Information

How we will store your personal information and our storage methods

On Paper: Basic Assessment Information (includes details of presenting issues, reasons for referral to individual therapist at the practice etc.). Very occasionally, a note may be kept on the basic assessment information of any serious risk issues that might arise. This is only necessary for the purposes of clinical accountability in the event of emergencies. Written notes are at the discretion of the individual therapist and are always anonymised without names, addresses, phone numbers or any identifying information. A practice diary is kept which records your first name, time and dates of therapy sessions. That practice diary is kept for HMRC purposes and held for 7 years and is then destroyed.

On Smartphone: The individual therapist will store your phone numbers in the 'Contacts' app on their phones, which enables them to contact you in case of emergencies or to change appointments. You will only be identified by your first name and surname initial. If the phone is lost or stolen this information will be... This phone is a practice phone only and not used for any other purposes.

In Emails/Texts: Your email address and correspondence will be stored in the email account managed exclusively by the therapist on a mail app on the practice iPad. Your phone number is stored on the practice smartphone together with SMS messages sent/received.

On Our Website: None of your personal information is stored on our website, other than to momentarily collect & send it to our mail account for the purposes of booking an initial assessment.

Type of Documents held on paper:
New Client Contact form.
GDPR Agreement
Brief Assessment Notes (Anonymised; with initials, date, and excluding any identifying information).

Information electronically stored on our secure practice iPad:

Website contact forms (deleted following assessment or kept for up to 6 months if an assessment isn’t completed)

How we may process/share your personal information

Your therapist will have regular supervision with an experienced therapist who is a recognised supervisor. Supervision is for the benefit of your therapist’s practice generally rather than for their work with you specifically. In order to protect your privacy, supervisors will not know you personally or professionally. Your therapist will refer to you by your first name, and may refer to your information verbally when it's helpful to the supervisory process.

If your health is at risk (provided we have your consent) we may share your contact information with an emergency healthcare service (e.g. Mental Health Crisis Team). If we have become aware of your intent to cause harm to another person/organisation (e.g. terrorism), the law may require that we inform an authority without seeking your permission. In such a situation, the law may require that we share your personal information without your knowledge.

Erasing your information
When you have completed your course of therapy at Quiet Mindz we will erase any information we keep on the practice iPad, along with any other electronic correspondence, within 3 years, unless you request otherwise. We allow this period in case you wish to access our service in the future.

You have the following rights:
To be informed what information we hold
To see the information we hold about you (free of charge for the initial request)
To rectify any inaccurate or incomplete personal information
To withdraw consent for Quiet Mindz to use your personal information
To request your personal information be erased (though we can decline whilst the information is needed for your therapist to practice lawfully & competently)

New clients will be given a copy of this policy in order to sign and agree to our terms of service